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Sites for making money on the Internet

There are real sites for making money on the Internet. Such sites help you earn money without much effort by doing simple work on your PC. Most often, to complete such tasks you only need access to the Internet and free time.

So, making good money through the Internet is quite possible.
There are different types of networking:

  • passing tests and surveys;
  • entering captcha;
  • partnership programs;
  • viewing advertisements;
  • writing simple reviews or articles;
  • work with social networks.

Earn money on the Internet: sites that pay

There are resources for work that are wildly popular and bring a stable income. We have compiled our top sites for making money on the Internet, which most users will like:

A simple scheme for working on sites to make money by completing tasks

Earning money online through websites is simple, because you only need:

  • choose the most suitable one from the list of the best presented portals;
  • view the rules of the site or exchange;
  • go through authorization and registration;
  • familiarize yourself with the list of tasks on the selected resource;
  • if necessary, undergo tests or training;
  • get acquainted with the opinions of other people about the site;
  • link your profile;
  • carefully study the posted tasks;
  • take on tasks every day and constantly monitor your rating.

You may be asked to prepare a headset for quick calls and comprehensive customer support. And, of course, before doing such work, you need to prepare yourself mentally, remember such qualities as communication skills, politeness and conciseness.


This exchange was created for copywriters, but later a lot of other work appeared there. The following tasks are posted on Advego:

  • comments to order;
  • posting;
  • writing reviews.
  • writing scripts, creating videos and so on.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles, fortunately it is quite easy to earn them, the prices for many orders are quite high. The first withdrawal of funds takes approximately two weeks, after which urgent transfers to wallets, cards, and so on will be available.

The site has skill levels, and for each achievement you are given a star, and the total number of completed orders and job refusals is also kept. Often you cannot refuse tasks here, because you will be immediately blocked.


If you are interested in a site for making money on the Internet, then you should study Kwork. This platform is an ideal exchange for freelancers. Here you can find a job:

  • programmers;
  • designers;
  • copywriters;
  • marketing specialists, etc.

However, Quark has its own characteristics. First of all, job advertisements are not posted by customers! The workers themselves offer their services. Secondly, the cost of any service is 500 rubles. But what exactly is included in this price list is decided by the freelancer himself.
You can specify a larger amount, it all depends on your ambitions and the complexity of your work.

There is also a commission on the resource. It is 20% of the amount of earnings. That is, in fact, the employee receives 500, and 400 rubles. Agree, this is significant. Payment is collected from the freelancer after completing the task and receiving the money. As you can see, sites for making money on the Internet exist, but not all of them are profitable.


Another resource for making good money on the Internet. Here you can find almost anything – from writing an article to creating a website.

But usually simple tasks are posted there. They do not require high qualifications or special skills. It’s quite possible to earn up to 500 rubles per day even after registration.


An exchange designed for copywriters. An ideal choice for those who have decided to make money by writing articles, but do not know where to start. The site is perfect for beginners. Because there are many available tasks with a minimal price tag. Experienced authors do not pay attention to many of them. This means that beginners have a chance to improve their skill level, get feedback and earn a little money. The best earnings on the Internet are here for those who like to write a lot and have an impressive portfolio.


An exchange created to promote companies, groups, and so on. QComment already employs several million freelancers. The tasks there are simple, you need to write reviews, comments, and sometimes articles. This resource positions itself as an effective tool for PR using crowdmarketing. Here you can not only promote profiles on social media. networks, but also brands, groups and channels, and also raise their reputation. You can withdraw money to WebMoney or YuMoney.

SEO sprint

The SEO sprint platform is a site that provides good earnings via the Internet. There are more than 5 types of tasks, which include posting on social networks, writing comments on specific products, placing captions under photos on Instagram, following links, watching videos on YouTube and advertising video content. You can also write various articles and gradually develop as a copywriter. Payments are made via WebMoney.


The essence of the site is to write reviews or reviews of products or services. Even to cities. You only need to write your thoughts, because the works are checked for uniqueness. However, the advantage of this resource is that you can choose the products or services that you will review.

Payment is calculated depending on the number of views of the review. The more people read your review, the more funds you will receive. That is, it is quite possible to earn passive income if you write a lot of reviews on popular products at once.


If we talk about what platforms for making money online exist, we cannot ignore projects that are aimed at working in social media. networks. There are many interesting tasks on VKTARGET that everyone can handle. In particular, among them are:

  • giving likes;
  • reposts of articles;
  • subscriptions to pages;
  • comments;
  • and so on.

The price of tasks is minimal. However, they are not difficult to implement. Just click the mouse a few times to get the job done. Funds will be credited automatically.

Below we looked at the best sites for making money on the Internet.
Which option you choose is up to you, but keep in mind that all resources have been listed in order from best to worst.

If you choose the most suitable option for you from the top earning money on the Internet, you will quickly forget about the myths associated with remote payment.

Important! You can also earn money online by developing in different directions. For example, such exchanges as Weblancer, Freelancehunt,, Freelancejob offer calling clients at home. This category of tasks helps:

  • attract many new customers;
  • disseminate information about new arrivals of goods or new promotions among residents of your city;
  • update the client base;
  • work in questionnaires.



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